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Crossover Prep was created to give north Tulsa young men an opportunity to receive a Christ-centered education that equips them to be college and career ready by the time they graduate high school. Crossover Prep desires to admit all students irrespective of academic ability who are willing to live by the school honor code (treat everyone the way that you want to be treated) and do the things necessary to be successful students. For this reason, Crossover Prep does not do pre-admission testing for prospective students*. 

A prospective student’s application must be received before the application deadline (the first Monday in March) to be considered for admission to Crossover Prep. In the event that there are still spots available after the application deadline, applicants will be considered on a first come, first served basis. In the event that we receive more applications than we have spots available by the application deadline, the preference for consideration for admission will be as follows**:


Legacy males

(sibling currently enrolled or graduate of CPA or child of Crossover organization staff member)


Males who meet ALL FOUR of our selection criteria:

  • Participated in Crossover Kids After-School and Summer Program
  • Crossover Health Services patient
  • Student at Hawthorne Elementary or Drexel Academy
  • Lives in one of five north Tulsa Zip Codes (74106, 74110, 74126, 74127, 74130)


Males who meet any THREE of the four of our selection criteria


Males who meet any TWO of the four of our selection criteria w/ at least one being a Crossover Program


Males who attend Hawthorne Elementary or Drexel Academy


Male students who LIVE in the 74106, 74110, 74126, 74127, or 74130 zip code


Males who DO NOT live in north Tulsa


*Students on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) must submit a copy of the IEP before a determination of acceptance can be made. Students on IEPs may be required to take an assessment to help determine if Crossover Prep can adequately serve the prospective student’s educational needs.
**If at any step in the preference funnel there are more applicants than available spots, there will be a lottery to determine who is offered the remaining spots. A prospective student’s athletic ability and athletic experience will have no bearing on his admission to Crossover Prep.